ISSN: 1302-2636 | E-ISSN: 2757-668X
Journal of Design+Theory - Tasarım Kuram: 15 (28)
Volume: 15  Issue: 28 - 2019
Burcu Selcen Coşkun
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2.Terrestrial Lazer (Point Cloud) Screening with The Processing Method - Restitision – Restoration Project Preparation Process and an Example: Elazığ Harput Kale Hamamı (Turkish Bath)
Türkan İrgin Uzun, Yakup Spor
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.95867  Pages 1 - 26

3.Taking Line For A Walk In the City: Bosphorus Journals
Bilge Bal
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.31932  Pages 27 - 52

4.The Importance of Applying the Concept of Abstraction into Space Design Education: A Review Based on 20th Century Abstract Art and Buildings of F. L. Wright
Pelin Kaya, Saadet Aytıs
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.88700  Pages 53 - 64

5.Reading Experience And E-Book Interfaces
Nehir Taştan
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.7089  Pages 65 - 76

6.A Preliminary Study On Defining Urban Resilience for Urban Planning: The Case of Sultanbeyli, Istanbul
Ayşe Özyetgin Altun, Azime Tezer
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.07108  Pages 77 - 95

7.Ali Saim Ülgen: A Dialectical Frame of the Republican Mind
Serra Akboy İlk
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.44154  Pages 96 - 110

8.Furniture Design and Space Attachment in Educational Places: Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts’ Campus Project
Meltem Eti Proto, İlayda Soyupak, Ceren Koç Sağlam
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.29200  Pages 111 - 121

9.Le Corbusier’s Museum as a Critical Attitude
Efe Duyan
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.59454  Pages 122 - 137

10.An Educational Tool in Teaching Traditional Construction Technology: Modeling
Nil Orbeyi, Zeynep Ceran Keçici
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.87487  Pages 138 - 149

11.Harem and Selamlık in Istanbul Mansions: Fikri Pasha Mansion in the Novel ‘One Face of Istanbul’
Derya Düzgün
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.43265  Pages 150 - 164

12.The Image of The City in Mental Maps of University Students; Düzce Case
Ayşegül Tanrıverdi Kaya
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.82787  Pages 165 - 178

13.The Eskişehir Çifteler Stud Farm As A Spatial Model In The Context Of The Axes Of "Modernization Of The Turkish Republic" And "Rural Communication/Development"
Özlem Arıtan
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.94840  Pages 179 - 198

14.A Transdisciplinary Approach to The Narrative of Contemporary Housing: İstanbul, Vienna, Amsterdam
Esen Gökçe Özdamar
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.77699  Pages 199 - 211

15.Evaluation of Adana Iller Bank Campus (1974) in the Context of Modern Architectural Heritage
Ayşe Durukan Kopuz
doi: 10.14744/tasarimkuram.2019.97268  Pages 212 - 221

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